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Event Materials

To Promote Sober Driving

Our event materials make a unique and lasting statement focused squarely on drunk driving prevention.

New Poster: The Truth About B.A.C.

This poster featuring material from The DUI Avoidance Lesson Plan teaches the basic relationship between blood alcohol content, effects, and driving.

More importantly, this poster teaches how to wait after drinking before driving.


These Pina Colada scented auto air fresheners are great as incentives for other programs. They are a nice in-your-face reminder not to drink and drive. They also make a statement around town. We call it a viral reminder.

BTW, they smell like pineapple and coconut, NOT alcohol!

Comments we've received about these air fresheners include, "Unlike past incentives we've used during this week before, we have not seen any of the air fresheners on the ground or in the garbage can (some students in the past will take the incentive and promptly throw it away).
We take this as a GOOD SIGN!"

A set of 500 individually wrapped air fresheners can be ordered for a donation of $500.00 plus shipping.


For air fresheners, when we receive your order we will determine shipping charges and send you a link via email to pay for the shipping separately


Get everyone involved with SoberDrivers Pledge posters

Here's the student version of our SoberDrivers Pledge on a large poster with room for LOTS of signatures!

This poster is available in sizes up to 2 feet by 4 feet. Get several small ones for individual classrooms or one great big one for an event. You can hang it or even spread it out on a table for everyone to sign. To donate and receive this poster for your school, click the picture or link below.

Our relationship with the manufacturer only allows us to sell posters as commercial, taxable product. We report this as taxable income. The resulting proceeds are donated back into DrinkingAndDriving.Org.


FYI, all items in our regular Donation Shop are available in bulk discounts. Email here for discounts on books

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